Exterior Painting

Whether your house is newly constructed or purchased from a previous owner, painting its exterior is the first step toward making it your home. Residential painting services from a professional contractor are an easy and cost-effective way to ensure a warm look and feel and can rejuvenate your home with your own design statement.

To achieve a durable and long-lasting paint job, the first step is preparation, and the second step is using a quality coating. Because different surfaces require different preparations and coatings, discussing your home’s materials—whether drywall, plaster, stucco, brick, or wood—with your residential home painting contractor is important.

With Paramount Painters, you can expect nothing less than exceptional results that will enhance the curb appeal of your property and protect it from the elements. Our team of professional residential painters in the York, PA, area is skilled in handling every aspect of exterior painting, ensuring a flawless finish that will leave your neighbors in awe.

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Exterior painting services at Paramount Painters in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Complete Exterior Painting Including:

  • Stucco & Concrete
  • Brick & Stone
  • Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
  • Doors & Windows
  • Fascia & Eaves
  • Rain Gutters & Metal Flashing
  • Garage Doors & Entry Doors
  • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Decks, Railings & Patio Covers
  • Wrought Iron Fences & Railings
  • Perimeter Walls

Other Residential Exterior Painting Services

The exterior of your home is more than just the house itself. It can include a beautiful deck, metal fences, and other features, and any other structure that needs routine maintenance to look its best. When you choose our skilled team of residential house painters, we can beautify these areas, too! From staining wood surfaces and refinishing metal surfaces to pressure washing and maintenance, you can count on us to breathe new life into your space.

Exterior painting services at Paramount Painters in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Staining and Finishing of Natural Wood Surfaces

Suppose you have natural wood surfaces on the exterior of your home. In that case, our expert painters can provide staining and finishing services that will bring out the beauty of the wood while providing long-lasting protection against the elements. We have the expertise to make your wood surfaces look their best, including:

  • Siding
  • Thresholds
  • Decks & Rails
  • Doors & Windows
  • Complete Stripping
  • Staining & Refinishing
  • Solid Body & Semi-Transparent Stains
  • Custom Stains & Antique Finishes
  • Hardwood & Softwoods
Exterior painting services at Paramount Painters in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Metal Finishes

From metal railings to gutters and trim, our experienced painters have the knowledge and skills to apply the perfect finish to your metal surfaces. Whether it’s a sleek and modern look or a classic and timeless appearance you want, we will ensure that your metal finishes complement the overall aesthetic of your home. We repaint:

  • Wrought Iron Fences
  • Security Doors/Bars
  • Metal Windows/Doors
  • Metal Gates

We use only the best materials for a long last-finish, such as:

  • Rust Control Paints
  • Patina & Faux Rust Finishes
  • Epoxy & Urethane
  • Industrial Enamels
Exterior painting services at Paramount Painters in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Pressure Washing and Maintenance Cleaning

Before we begin the painting process, we offer pressure washing and maintenance cleaning services to ensure that your exterior surfaces are clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Our thorough cleaning process removes dirt, grime, and mildew, allowing for better adhesion and a more durable and beautiful finish. We also provide these services as stand-alone options, so you never have to worry about cleaning up the exterior of your home, fencing, or other structures again! Contact us for:

  • Dirt & Pollution Cleaning
  • Stain & Paint Removal 
  • Graffiti Removal
  • On-going Cleaning Maintenance 

Need Residential Exterior Painting Services?

When it comes to your home’s exterior, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Paramount Painters is the top choice for residential exterior painting services in the York, PA, area. Get an estimate from the best local house painters in the area, then sit back and relax as your home’s exterior is transformed.

Why Choose Paramount Painters?

Paramount Painters has the experience you can trust! With more than two decades of experience painting thousands of homes and businesses in Central PA and the surrounding counties in Maryland, our residential painting services are second to none. Plus, you can count on our values, mission, and standards to be at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values

We believe in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Our values guide everything we do.

  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Deliver value to every client.
  • We make the communities we service better places to live.
  • Never stop improving.
  • Conduct ourselves as professionals.

Our Mission

Our job is to transform your home into a beautiful and well-protected space. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your complete satisfaction with our residential painting services. Paramount Painters’ mission is to work for the betterment of everyone we come in contact with, including:

  • Our Customers
  • Our Employees
  • Our Community
  • Our Trade

Our Standards

At Paramount Painters, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism. This standard means that we maintain the accreditation, insurance, and licensing that provide you with the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Our team of professional residential painters undergoes rigorous training and utilizes top-of-the-line materials and techniques to ensure impeccable results for your home each and every time.

Interior painting services at Paramount Painters in Pennsylvania and Maryland

Interior Painting

Our complete interior painting services are the answer when it comes to creating a space that truly reflects your style and taste. Whether you want to refresh a single room or give your entire home a makeover, Paramount Painters has you covered.

Maybe you have a room that’s crying for a facelift, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Interior painting isn’t limited to just the walls. While any room in your home may appear uninteresting and made of plain old walls, it takes just a little imagination to bring it back to life.

That’s because walls are only one aspect of a room. Repainting ceilings, doors, and trim can also help re-energize your living room, bedroom, or any other space. Choosing Paramount Painters as your service provider will bring color and life into your home with our full interior painting services.

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Complete Interior Painting Including:

  • Walls (any height)
  • Ceilings (any height)
  • Doors & Windows
  • French Doors & Windows 
  • Mantels & Bookshelves
  • Paneling & Wainscoting
  • Cabinets & Wood Shelves
  • Baseboard & Crown Moldings
  • Chair Rail Moldings

What to Look for in A Residential Painter

Using a professional painting contractor takes the stress out of painting your home. But finding the right one is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Use the following tips to hire the right professional for any painting project.


Take the time to interview potential painters and ask about their experience, qualifications, and previous projects. This chat will give you an idea of their expertise and professionalism. Always ask contractors the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have the proper/required licenses? This answer varies by state, and some states may not require licensing.
  • Do you have insurance and bonding? This question helps determine whether your contractor and any hired workers are insured for injury and liability.
  • Are you a member of any national or local painting contractors’ associations?
  • Do you subcontract your work or perform it yourself?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Do you offer written guarantees of your work?
  • What products do you use?
freshly-painted home exterior


Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements for the project. A reliable residential painter will listen attentively and provide detailed information on how they will meet your needs. It’s a good idea to walk each potential contractor around the areas (indoor or outdoor) to be painted while discussing your needs, paying attention to any aspects of the project that could affect the price. Be specific about which surfaces you want to paint (walls, trims, moldings, ceilings, etc.) and the paint colors and finishes you want used.


Observe how the painter conducts themselves during the interview process. Look for professionalism, punctuality, and clear communication. These qualities are indicators of a reliable and trustworthy painter. Pay specific attention to the following signs and behaviors:

  • Does the contractor project a sense of professionalism and experience?
  • Is the contractor courteous and business-like?
  • Is the contractor busy? Good ones usually are!
  • Does the contractor return phone calls and provide estimates in a timely manner?
  • Is the contractor on time for appointments?
A garage with freshly stained wooden siding.
A kitchen with white cabinets on top and blue cabinets on the bottom.


Once you’ve settled on a contractor, ask for a written contract and review it carefully. As a consumer, you can ask detailed questions about any issues you need clarifying. In particular, be sure to verify the following:

  • What exactly is being painted (house, trim, walls, molding, etc.)
  • Details on preparation and cleanup
  • Paint colors for each area to be painted
  • How the contractor will protect plants, patios, furniture, or other items
  • How much time the project will take from start to finish
  • When and how the contractor will be paid

Once you complete these steps, you’ll be ready to hire the right painting contractor and enjoy your newly painted home.

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